Volkswagen Polo Road Tests


Volkswagen Polo Road Tests

Results of the various road tests have proved that Volkswagen Polo scores well in terms of ride and handling. Polo stays comfortable while driving through bad patches. It allows you to drive at decent speed and stays safe within the limit. One of the remarkable features of the Polo is its ground clearance of 168mm. The suspension set up is adjusted and it allows the increment in ground clearance by 50mm.

At lower speed, the car poses a bit stiff ride; however, it runs very smoothly at higher speeds.  It remains stable even when confronted with mid-corner bumps. It allows you to maintain the control due to its tweaked suspension that is results of balance between firmness and alertness.

Another unique feature of Polo are its brakes. The brakes have excellent grabbing capacity and they are progressive. It comprises of discs upfront and drums at the rear. In case of Highline trim variant, one can get ABS. The brakes are excellent in operation and allows for good driving control.

The Polo has been engineered in such a fashion so as to offer excellent chassis functionality. Even on the bumpy and twisted roads, the performance of the tyres is good due to powerful chassis. The Polo comes with electro-mechanical assistance for the steering. It allows for smooth control while driving and driver can experience the effortless transition of feedback from fingers on the steering wheel.

One of the challenges is the reduction of Tyre noise in Polo as one can feel the noise in the cabin especially while driving over concrete patches.

Polo comes with two both petrol and diesel variants. Engine options are 75bhp, 3 cylinders, 1.2 litre engines and 105bhp, 4 cylinders, 1.6 litre engines. There is presence of five-speed manual gearbox, Results of few test rides have shown that petrol Polo will speed to 100kph in 14.2 seconds and the diesel variant will sprint to 100kph in 14.4 seconds.